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What do you Predict will happen ? by: Larry K
While we've all come to the end of 2011 and began 2012, out data or information now becomes stale, but active only when it needs to be made use of.. So let's all try to get through whatever means un…read more
Fruit Flies ! What an experiment by: Larry K
We always search for new ways to make life easy, but what about this. Now Mr Fly is to help in the law of leviation.. How can he do that ? Read this link http://news.discovery.com/animals/fruit-fly-levitate-space-120103.htmlread more
Free browsing configuration by: Sabon J.
Have u ever hear of Your-freedom browsing software. Just imaging yourself paying $5.68 per month as subscription to gain assess of 256kilo bytes of data on internet connectivity. Aside that the is an option of free browsing that support 64kilo…read more

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No Condition Is Permanent by: Sabon J.
A Guy who has no job got married 2 a banker, despite his fears and several advices that it's not good to marry without a job. Every month the girl wud give d guy her full salary of N135k after…
Your Destiny will never Change! by: Sabon J.
Destiny One day death came to a Guy and said:"Hey, today is your last day" Guy:"But I'm not ready!". Death said:"Well today your name is the first on my list". Guy:"Okay then why don't you take a seat and We…
A Hungry Man Prayer by: Sabon J.
A hungry man prayed to GOD that he should stumble on N2000 on the road and he promised to give GOD 50% out of it. Not up to 5 mins later he had made the prayer, he saw N1000 on…

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